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    2.5 Months

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    Travel Arc

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    Web Application

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About Us

Travelarc is an auction and promotion company that highlights the best travel destinations in Australia plus the most exclusive experiences. The business was founded on a simple idea - that there are hidden gems all over this world, waiting to be discovered if you know where to look - and that these special places deserve a little extra exposure. Consequently, people are more likely to experience something if they know it's available for sale or auction.

The team at Travelarc have created this unique concept and taken it one step further by making sure everyone has access to these amazing opportunities. We're here for anyone looking for adventure, who wants something different from their next trip, or who's just curious about what else might be out there.

Travelarc is all about making it easier for people to start their next adventure! We provide an online platform for users to bid on fantastic packages including once-in-a-lifetime experiences of some of Australia’s most well-known destinations. We make it easy for people to find, bid on and win incredible prizes by creating excitement around our auctions every day of the year

This means we work really hard to make sure there's something for everyone – from luxury getaways and vacations through to once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Travelarc is committed to giving back, with a percentage of all proceeds going towards worthy causes around Australia

Bid at Auction

Once you register with Travelarc, a user must first buy bids to participate in the auctions. Travelarc offers bid packs in which users can save money by purchasing larger quantities at one time. Travelarc auctions mainly focus on all things travel from experiences, adventure, and packages, all set to end by a certain time on the auction timer. The starting "price" for these packages starts at $0.01 and each bid typically increases this price by $0.01. As the Travelarc auction timer approaches the final seconds of the auction the clock automatically resets with a few extra seconds after a bid is placed, allowing all participants an equal opportunity to bid. Think of the "going once, going twice..." call-in traditional auctions. Once there are no more bidders and the timer gets down to the 0:00 mark, the last person to place his bid is the auction winner. The bidder then wins and buys the product for the closing price.


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