How it works

We at Froth Apps take our process very seriously so that we can deliver your projects as planned and on time. Learn how we do things

1. Discovery Workshop

Once you have contacted us, we will organise a time to chat about your idea – via phone, video, email or in person.

If you are still developing your idea or looking for stronger foundations, our scoping process entails three differently themed Discovery Workshops, making sure absolutely nothing is left to chance. Our team will work with you to create stronger business foundations, main user stories and wireframes plus design concepts for your project.

2. Design Process

When a project has begun and the user storyboard is finalised, wireframes for the entire project will be created. This helps us refine the user interface and user experience of the project.

High fidelity designs will then be created based on the initial wireframes along with an interactive digital prototype.

3. Development

Our talented developers are then fully briefed on the project and begin turning the designs into a fully operating product.

You will be kept up to date throughout the entire design and development stage with the opportunity to periodically review your project before it is released to the public.

4. Quality Assurance

Before your product is released to the public, our QA team vigorously tests the functionality and design of your product ensuring that it is ready for final release.

Our developers will then make refinements based on our feedback and release to you for final approval.

5. Maintainance

Our support team will stay in contact – even after the final release – to make sure your product is running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can alwaysContactour support.

Yes, we sure do. We won't only develop you an amazing mobile app but will help build you a success business utilising our expert marketing team.
We follow robust processes to ensure the best quality. For software testing, we use the black-box method. We have a dedicated division for QA and QC that ensures every project is scanned through them. Covering all the different kinds of testing, they give a final ‘OK’ before the final handover and deployment.
Native apps are built for specific platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). They are built using platforms’ native SDK and development platforms and are able to use some of the specific features of the device – e.g. Camera, Volume controller, speaker, etc. The web-based apps (also web-apps) run within the mobile browser and are virtually web pages that imitate the look of a native mobile UI. Such apps are advantageous over native apps as they give the same user-experience on different smartphones. However, they can’t features of devices like native apps.
If you would like to make changes to be made in the app, it will cost you. We recommend having the project scope defined before beginning the project to save time and money.
Yes, we build mobile applications for all major mobile development platforms. You can hire our developers for developing an app for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Whether you want to develop apps for just one or two platforms or want to develop an app that works on all the mobile platforms, we are at your service.
Yes, we do it for free. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay the minimum amount of charge (fees) by the main company (for example Apple App Store Yearly charges $150.00 AUD
The framework or programming language that we use to develop applications depends upon the chosen platform by the client. For example, for iPhone applications, we use iOS SDK, Objective C, Swift, Xcode, Django and other tools and technologies provided by Apple. Similarly, for Android applications, we use Android SDK. We have expertise in frameworks of Open Source and Microsoft Technologies for Web Service and API based applications.

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In-Person Consultation

You can visit our office during office hours to discuss your project. Our support will be in touch with you if there is any change to your booking.

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In-Person Consultation

You can visit our office during office hours to discuss your project. Our support will be in touch with you if there is any change to your booking.

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