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Top 5 App Developers In Adelaide

Fedi El-Daher

Former Relationship Manager (The b!te Network)

Are you wondering what App Developers to use in Adelaide? Take a look at what Ava and Isla from Adelaide Examiner have to say!

1. How We Picked

- Security. It’s important to ensure that the company you’re choosing follows strict security measures regarding app ideas and concepts, since these can be easily replicated by competitors. - Delivery management. We only picked companies that have good feedback on their progress delivery. App development is a collaborative process, and it’s only right to keep you updated about the app’s development progress. - App designing standards. The app’s design is a crucial factor that contributes a lot to its success, so we only chose companies that provided their design portfolio. - Customer service. We also looked at how these app developers treated their clients and how they dealt with providing constant customer support.

2. About Adelaide Examiner

Hi, we’re Ava and Isla. We’re best friends and the founders of Adelaide Examiner. This website actually started from a fun project we had back when we were in uni in 2019. Back then, we were seniors from the University of Adelaide who would write reviews just for fun to share with our peers. We wrote listicles about the best pubs, breweries, entertainment spots, and restaurants just around our campus. We wrote articles that were fun yet informational; relatable yet reputable. We were actually taken aback by how popular those listicles became. From there, we realized two things. First, there is a shortage of quality reviews on the products and services in Adelaide. Second, we realized that these reviews were actually helpful and people liked reading them. What started out as just a fun venture actually turned out to help other people. We got comments from foreign exchange students and even tourists who told us how informational our listicles are and how we have helped them. This spurred the idea for the Adelaide Examiner. From articles revolving around campus life, we branched out to all kinds of services and products you can find in Adelaide. As girls who have grown and lived here, we’re so excited to help you see just how beautiful Adelaide is. Here, we write about the best of what Adelaide has to offer on all fronts. Whether you’re looking for the best attractions and hotels here or searching for the right doctor for your needs, we got you covered. Our website can be a trusty guide in your pocket that is brimming with all kinds of useful information and recommendations from Adelaide. This website has grown with us. Now that we’ve graduated and have taken this venture on as full-time careers, we’re so excited to share our website with you and everything it has to offer. Of course, we’re open for all kinds of feedback. Make sure to message us about any concerns about our website. We’ll be sure to listen. We hope you enjoy the Adelaide Examiner.

About Adelaide Examiner
3. Froth Apps - 1

Services: Website and web apps, mobile app development, ecommerce, SEO, wearable app development, software consulting, 3D design, UI/UX design, maintenance and support, branding, content writing and SEO, digital marketing Website: https://frothapps.com.au/ Address: 1/22 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia Contact details: +61 8 7120 6594 Business hours: Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 9AM–5:30PM Tuesday 9AM–5:30PM Wednesday 9AM–5:30PM Thursday 9AM–5:30PM Friday 9AM–5:30PM Froth Apps is a local software company that provides practical and affordable services for anyone looking into app development. What we like about them is how they always manage to integrate marketing principles in how they make apps and even websites for clients. Most of the reviews we learned about them always included how they were able to enhance a client’s business growth using creative design, development, and marketing strategies. Apart from making beautifully designed apps and websites, we find that this tailor-made approach to each business they handle is what ultimately makes them stand out from their competitors. A look at their portfolio would give you an idea as to how diverse they can be when it comes to designs, and we think it even shows how diligent they are when it comes to building applications. When it comes to their mobile app development, they’ve worked with over a thousand mobile applications and around 300 web applications – and that’s something we find reassuring. An experienced app developer like Froth Apps is definitely something to check out for yourself when you need a mobile app or an overall tech expert in general. We’re also glad to find that they offer both in-person and phone consultations for free, so it’s easier to discuss ideas in any way you’d like. Pros - Utilises custom UI/UX design - User-centred approach - At par with the latest technologies Cons - Prices aren’t included in their website

Froth Apps - 1
4. Axios - 2

Services: Custom business software, build my app idea, software rescue, consulting, support/enhancement plans, professional hosting and management Website: https://www.axiosdev.com.au/ Address: 5 Peel St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia Contact details: +61 1300 294 674 Business hours: Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 8:30AM–5:30PM Tuesday 8:30AM–5:30PM Wednesday 8:30AM–5:30PM Thursday 8:30AM–5:30PM Friday 8:30AM–5:30PM Axios was founded in 2002, and since then they’ve been working in a diverse range of industries, such as health/pharmacy, finance, logistics, construction, project management, and mining just to name a few. One of the things we like most about them is their highly practical process in bringing an app idea into actualisation. Beginning from the initial workshop up until the launch and support, they’ve always made sure to stay with us throughout the decision-making, offering advice when needed. Their workshops and online tools are definitely services we think are unique to them. These programs help out clients idealise their visions and assess whether it will work or not. They also offer technical advice, such as whether something will work better as an online web application or a native app. Once that’s done, they can begin building on the idea and start on the app itself. Even after an app’s launching, they make sure to keep tabs on things that need refinement, and then get back to you so you can work on everything else. With a process like this, we think that working with Axios is a breeze, but each quote is different for every client, so there really isn’t much to say about their estimated prices. Other than that, Axios is definitely one of the top choices for us given their impeccable work ethic and deliverables. Pros - Microsoft Gold certified - ISO 9001 certified - Has a strictly pragmatic approach to app development Cons - No estimated prices provided for services

Axios - 2
5. Codium - 4

Services: App development, managed hosting, Microsoft access, software development, software integration, support services, technology partner Website: https://www.codium.com.au/ Address: Ground Floor, 8 B26, Wayville SA 5034, Australia Contact details: +61 1300 887 103 Business hours: Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 9AM–5PM Tuesday 9AM–5PM Wednesday 9AM–5PM Thursday 9AM–5PM Friday 9AM–5PM Codium is a locally owned and operated software company that specialises in software development and building custom solutions. Since the start of 2011, they’ve received multiple awards for their work, including the Premier’s Award for Innovation, Order of Australia Association Medallion, Govhack Open Data Competition, and Channel 9 Hostworks Online Achievement Award. What we like about Codium is how they specialise in mobile app development. We think that they have a very inventive approach when it comes to making apps, and it shows in their portfolio and previous work. We find it really helpful how they start off with a discovery phase that invites relevant staff and stakeholders to a workshop to fully establish the beginning of a project. This is followed by the prototype phase, where a clear picture of the proposed app becomes more apparent, and then the delivery phase, where the final app is then deployed in specified app stores. They also have a very strict security policy, and we think that’s something worth noting, especially for a tech company. Apart from that, they’re also a multi-awarded company, and they’re ISO certified too. Codium is definitely one of our highly recommended app developers in Adelaide. Pros - Internationally certified - ISO9001 certified - Diverse industry experience Cons - Website needs to have more information on quotes and prices

Codium - 4
6. Aloomic - 3

Services: Branding, design and UI/UX, web development, digital marketing, web development by platform, support maintenance, mobile application development, augmented maintenance Address: 3/12 Victoria St, Prospect SA 5082, Australia Website: https://aloomic.com.au/ Business hours: Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 9AM–5PM Tuesday 9AM–5PM Wednesday 9AM–5PM Thursday 9AM–5PM Friday 9AM–5PM Aloomic is an IT and software company based in Adelaide that offers services like UI/UX design, mobile application development, web development, and augmented maintenance, among others. For their mobile application development, we were pleased to see that they operate on multiple platforms, and you can choose whichever you feel would suit your idealised app best. Apart from that, their team’s app developers are easy to work with and are adept at various platforms. They’ve always managed to educate us about relevant platforms and everything we needed to know about making an app. Not only do they work with Android and iOS app development, but they also operate with the React Native, Ionic App, Flutter App, and Hybrid App development. We definitely think that having these features is a good edge, since it gives clients more options on where to build their app. We do believe that an app developer like Aloomic can direct and support clients through the whole process, despite starting from scratch or improving on an already existing application. They have the credentials and the team to make it possible, and we think they’re a good place to start if you’re fairly new to the tech game. Pros - Uses the React Native Javascript framework - Prioritises on-time delivery - Maintains apps even after launching Cons - Current website looks shabby

Aloomic - 3
7. PixelForce - 5

Services: IOS app, Android add, web app, enterprise portal Website: https://www.pixelforce.com.au/ Address: 3/97 King William St, Kent Town SA 5067, Australia Contact details: +61 8 7006 3226 Business hours: Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 9AM–5PM Tuesday 9AM–5PM Wednesday 9AM–5PM Thursday 9AM–5PM Friday 9AM–5PM PixelForce started in 2013, and since then, they’ve served over 12 countries with over a hundred projects delivered. From the company’s founders to their QA and test engineering team members, they have a whole roster of business and tech experts that can deliver what you need. Given their technical mastery, we think that they’re a company that’s definitely capable of understanding the business they’re creating for. As for us, we’re glad to have come across an app developer that really takes the time to be as invested in understanding our business to make sure we get the results we want. They stay true to their work ethic, and we see that in their collaborative approach to building a successful app and business. Getting into something so technical can be overwhelming, but their team always displayed a strong grasp of everything. We highly recommend PixelForce for any startup business that wants to see definite growth. They’re very thorough and don’t spare any important details, making sure you understand everything for your app. Even for well-established businesses, we believe that having a strong technological partner will be good for continual growth and security as well. If you’re considering their services, they offer a free 1-hour consultation either held over the phone or in person. Pros - Full-time product development retainers - Has over 40 team members - Multi-awarded company Cons - Doesn’t provide estimated prices on their website

PixelForce - 5
Fedi El-Daher

Former Relationship Manager (The b!te Network)