• Project Year


  • Duration

    6.5 Months

  • Client Name

    The SEAQR Team

  • Services Provided

    Mobile Development,
    Website Development,
    Backend Development,
    UI/UX Design

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SEAQR offers businesses and consumers access to a major network which grows with every new signup. Unlike social media platforms that enable individuals to promote their products and services to an online audience, SEAQR uses its app to directly connect small to medium sized businesses to a vast customer base. This is achieved through business’ ability to send users a selection of discounts, promotions, and in-store specials, which can be redeemed upon scanning or tapping their mobile device on our conveniently placed hubs.

SEAQR is a unique concept which now gives you instant access to Wi-Fi and rewards through a simple “tap and go”, saving your business precious time and money whilst improving the customer the experience.

The SEAQR Difference

After exploring the app and finding your favourite stores, you can now choose to enable notifications and be instantly informed every time a new hot deal is available!

A onetime sign-up through our app or website gives you permanent access to all registered businesses. Never login again!

Using our advanced QR technology, customers can now connect to our QR codes within 6 milliseconds. Additionally, we offer NFC connection with a simple tap, diminishing the need for the common password.

Our app impresses you through its responsiveness and ability to be highly customised. The clean and flexible design is beneficial towards businesses as it sets of a friendly impression on customers. Businesses can edit their portal through the backend of our website, thus, being able to make changes within seconds whilst the app is live.

Users have full access to the SEAQR app at no expense to them. It is currently available to the public on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

SEAQR believes in protecting one’s privacy, so we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure your sensitive information is safe in our servers. Our acquired SSL certificate provides security through encrypting your connection. We assure customers that no personal information will be shared or sold to foreign or third parties. jghjghgvjvtjhvfctyh fnhntygv hngc ghn stock babyyyy


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